Oxford Cert Universal Academy can help you improve your business performance and achieve your business goals through training targeted at the specific competence needs of your organization.

Oxford Cert Universal offers tailor-made training, competent consulting services, HR concepts and temporary work as well as profound technical information. We prepare companies and people for the future challenges of the modern world of work and for the global demands of the markets of tomorrow.

If you think that your staff needs to be kept up to date with the latest methods and good practices – and to consistently adopt the “right attitude” – in the fields of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility, then training is probably the solution.

We offer across a large scope of topics and all over the world:

- Comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to your training needs, whether you are a small or large, local or multinational organization,

- Specialized courses based on real-life situations,

- Courses tailored to your specific requirements, backed by relevant teaching materials and literature, delivered either in your own premises or at another suitable location.

- Courses delivered in an open format, where people from different companies can exchange ideas and discuss with Oxford Cert Universal experts.

Our academy professionals will work closely with you to put together a learning opportunity that will help you put your employees on the fast-track to competence. Our experience in research and innovation in the field of risk management enables us to create highly effective, interactive training that helps you achieve your business goals.

Because our trainers are working professionals in the field, you will benefit from their first-hand expertise and experience. They really understand the practical issues your employees face in their work because they face them too. Your people will be able to immediately put what they learned into practice when they return from the classroom.

We are one of the world’s leading providers of training, information and knowledge on standards, management systems, business improvement and the achievement of regulatory approval for products.

Our expert teams provide top quality training to organizations of all sizes and every type of activity - ranging from leading multinationals to small, innovative start-ups and from governments to charities.

From understanding how a standard can help your business, to implementing, monitoring and auditing your compliance to that standard, we can support you all the way.

We are constantly looking to provide customers with a wider range of training to meet their needs. In addition to management systems training, we also provide business improvement training, such as for Six Sigma.

Our range of topics is extremely diversified. Topics include occupational safety, automotive, fire prevention, construction, data protection, procurement, energy, dangerous goods, Food Safety, health, logistics, management, quality, technology, environmental protection and traffic safety. All events can also be held on your premises, in-house, and can be tailored to suit your needs.


The combination of eLearning with attendance courses (blended learning) enables you to design further training courses to meet your precise requirements and with several benefits.

Oxford Cert Universal Academy offers eLearning as part of its blended learning method mix. In concrete terms, this means that you benefit from the advantages of eLearning in combination with attendance events:

·         You train when and where you want, at the same time as working and to suit your family life.

·         You set your own pace.

·         You save on traveling time and traveling costs. 

In-house training courses

As the representative of a team or coordinator of a project, you would like to conduct individual training courses or workshops onsite in your company. We will be happy to support you in this, because in-house training courses are highly effective and efficient.

After a preliminary analysis, we will work with you to design tailored individual seminars or training programs to meet your company's quality requirements. Or you can choose a training course from our wide range of programs and the structure and contents will largely be retained.

§  The presentation is tailored to your company's goals and the existing knowledge of your employees.

§  Your seminars are conceived and conducted by one source, allowing maximum efficiency and quality.

§  In-house training courses mean less tuition fees per employee. We ensure transparency and investment security in the planning.

§  The presentations are held close to the workplace, which optimally integrates the internal processes and minimizes indirect costs.

§  Evening or weekend classes allow continued or advanced training even outside of regular work hours.

Our range of services covers a broad spectrum of disciplines. Many of the programs are multilingual and organized and presented by local staff. We are constantly expanding our program base and extending the delivery into more local markets. Check back often to discover our expanding list of offerings. To learn more about our various seminars, examinations, and personnel certification programs, please select one of the "Program Categories" in the list.

Training Subjects:

  • ISO 9001 Documentation, Internal Audit & Lead Auditor Courses
  • ISO 14001 Documentation, Internal Audit & Lead Auditor Courses
  • ISO 22000 Documentation, Internal Audit & Lead Auditor Courses
  • ISO 45001 / OHSAS 18001 Documentation, Internal Audit & Lead Auditor Courses
  • ISO 27001 Documentation, Internal Audit & Lead Auditor Courses
  • ISO 50001 Documentation, Internal Audit & Lead Auditor Courses
  • Other Management System Courses
  • English Language Training Courses