Oxford Cert Universal Ltd has important work to do

Oxford Cert Universal Ltd has important work to do:

Establishing common international standards is vital not only for the growth of international trade, but also for the development of a sustainable global economy.
Humanity now uses 30% more resources each year than our planet can replace and produces much more pollution than our planet can recycle. The survival of our economies and societies is now at risk—threatened by climate change and by growing shortages of energy, water, food and other critical resources.  

Over the next few decades we will have to completely transform the way we produce goods and consume resources. By 2050 the global economy will have to produce each unit of goods and services with only 5% to 10% of the energy and natural resources that are currently used.  

This will require enormous changes: from inefficient open manufacturing processes (in which most inputs are discarded in the form of waste energy, byproducts and pollution) to efficient closed-loop manufacturing processes that produce almost no waste. We will also need to stop making throw-away products and instead make durable, fully recyclable goods.

International standards can support the transformation to sustainable economies by improving product quality and compatibility, and by lowering manufacturing and maintenance costs.

Oxford Cert Universal Ltd has important work to do: helping develop better, cleaner and more efficient products, and helping ensure that our children have a safe and prosperous future.

Graeme Taylor

Advisory Board Chief, Oxford Cert Universal