The tourism industry uses a wide number of quality standards that make it difficult for the consumer to make a clear comparison. In contrast, an objective Oxford Cert Universal is understood throughout the world and is prized as a useful decision-making aid. Under the slogan “We measure emotions”, we have developed internationally recognized standards that tourism companies can use to credibly document the quality of their service, providing them with a clear advantage when competing for guests and bookings.

About Oxcert-Tourism Standard
Oxcert-Tourism standard's main requirements are include:
•    Tourist focus
•    Complaint handling system
•    Infrastructure maintaining
•    Food safety
•    Healthy management
•    Environment management
•    Security  and reliability management
•    Continual improvement

Oxford Cert Universal Services
•    Good For Tourist - GFT Certification - Oxford Cert Universal offer assessment and leveled certification against Ox-Tourism Standard.
•    Training - Oxford Cert Universal offer training which will prepare you and your staff before and after the certification process.